Upgrade Your Water System With National

Upgrade Your Water System With National

West Texas water is notoriously hard. However, there are several options available when you decide to upgrade your water system with National!

Option #1 – Reverse Osmosis

Our water here, while safe enough to drink according to federal guidelines, definitely doesn’t always taste or feel the best. Hard water, which is water with heavy mineral deposits, can leave a trail! Indicators of hard water include calcium deposit “rocks” in appliances like coffee makers or soap’s inability to foam up properly. While there are no serious health issues related to drinking hard water (through a public system), it doesn’t always taste the best.

Adding a reverse osmosis (RO) system to your home or office is a safe, inexpensive way to removal several key contaminants, including poisons like arsenic and some carcinogens. The installation process is relatively simple: one of our experienced technicians will tie the system into your existing water line (usually in your kitchen). The RO unit will push water through a semi-permeable membrane, one drop at a time, into the water tank. At that point, all you have to do is turn on the faucet (and call National to service the unit every 6-9 months!).

Option #2 – Water Softeners

Upgrade your water system.

Limescale in a pipe.

As we discussed above, the hard water in West Texas can prove to be difficult at times. Limescale and calcium deposits can build up over time, ruining pipes and appliances such as dishwashers. Instead of paying for new equipment every few years, it’s definitely a feasible option to install a water softener instead! Over time, these deposits can cause serious damage to your home or office.

The softener systems uses an ionic chemical exchange, which switches the “bad” minerals like lime or calcium, and replace them with “good” minerals like salt. It’s a pretty intricate chemical process to explain in a paragraph, but you can read more about it here. However, National has trained technicians experienced with water softener installations and service.

If you have questions or just want to get a quote on how to improve the quality of your water, contact National today. We’re here for you…Any Season, Any Reason!

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