Turkey Day Garbage Disposal Do’s And Don’ts

Turkey Day Garbage Disposal Do’s And Don’ts

Devarkonda Thanksgiving is one of the biggest annual American holidays and it’s definitely centered around enjoying an amazing meal. However, Thanksgiving can also wreak havoc on your kitchen’s garbage disposal, causing a mess and frustration on a day you should be enjoying. So read on for our tips and tricks for Turkey Day garbage disposal do’s and don’ts!

DON’T Dump Grease Down The Drain

Whatever you do, make sure that oils and grease is disposed into a container which can be thrown away in the garbage. Grease, particularly animal fats, can accumulate over time, which impedes water flow and clogs pipes. Toss the drippings from your ham or turkey in an old coffee can to throw in the dumpster later.

DO Cut Your Food Into Pieces

Dumping the entire contents of that container of leftovers that has become a science experiment in your refrigerator isn’t the best idea. Make sure that it’s put down the disposal in small increments and make sure that the pieces are properly pulverized before adding more. This will prevent items getting stuck and jamming the equipment. Also avoid fibrous foods like cornhusks or celery stalks, as they can get caught around the blades.

DON’T Let Your Disposal Carb-Load

Starchy food likes potatoes can make a thick paste, which can cause the blades to stick together. Foods that expand in water, such as rice and dried pasta, are also poor choices for the disposal; they do the same thing once they come into contact with water, but in your pipes and disposal. Opt to toss these items in the trash or add them to a compost pile instead!

DO Use Cold Water

Hot water can actually cause any grease in foods to liquefy. Cold water solidifies any grease that might be present. The solids are more easily chopped up in the disposal to keep them from getting stuck in the drain trap. This is helpful when washing dishes, as well.

DON’T Toss In Coffee Grounds

After offering your Thanksgiving guests a cup of warming coffee, remember it’s just better to toss them in the trashcan. While the grounds can help with disposal odors and don’t cause harm the equipment, they have a tendency to cause clogs in the drains and pipes.

DO Make The Disposal Do Its Job

It’s good to have your disposal work hard. Items such as ice, eggshells, small pieces of chicken or fish bones, and even small citrus peels basically create a little internal scrubbing action inside your disposal. The particles “exfoliate” and clean the inside of the unit so you don’t have to. Just be sure not to put large bones (think ham bones or turkey carcasses) or non-food items down your disposal.

DON’T Hesitate To Call National

We’re here 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. National can help if your Turkey Day feast clogs your disposal and we’re experts in both repairs and new unit installations. We’re just a phone call away!

The whole team at National wishes you and your family a very safe and happy Thanksgiving. We are so thankful for our customers, today and every day!

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