New Home Plumbing Checklist, Part 1

New Home Plumbing Checklist, Part 1

Home sales usually slump during winter months, due to the holiday season and the fact that no one really wants to move during cold weather. However, springtime brings out more than just flower blooms! Home sales skyrocket in the spring or summer months. It can be a daunting process, so National is here with a new home plumbing checklist to help you know what to look for in your next house! We have enough information available to you that we’ll be posting two blogs about this subject!

Be Sure To Get An Inspection

Though most lenders do not require home inspections, it’s always prudent to budget for a professional to inspect your potential new home. These inspectors, licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC), are trained to identify problems and potential issues. The process essentially compares your home to the most recent building code standards.

Having a professional home inspector not only looks at the roof, foundation, and for cosmetic issues, s/he will also spend time checking the plumbing in your house. Plumbing problems are some of the worst issues a new homeowner can face. Not only are they more complicated, but they have the potential to cause extensive damage.

A Word On Lead

In 1970’s, the American government enacted several laws in response to the discovery of the effects of lead exposure, especially in children. Paint manufacturers were banned from using lead in their products and the Safe Drinking Water Act was enacted. However, many older homes still have lead pipes. While newer ones use PVC or copper, it is often not financially feasible to replace existing pipes with new materials.

Your home inspector will look for lead pipes and replacing them could be part of the negotiations process. However, should the pipes remain, the CDC offers several options for consumers to help them protect themselves from the adverse effects of lead.

We’ll be back with Part 2 next week on our new home plumbing checklist. Happy house hunting!

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