Never Worry With Generac

Never Worry With Generac

Power outages due to weather, brownouts, or other failures can be annoying, inconvenient, and, in some cases, disastrous. However, National has you covered! You will never worry with Generac brand backup generators.

Tailored To Fit You

Generac offers a sizing calculator to help estimate the right size of generator needed for your home. National strives to make sure that you’ve got enough capacity to handle keeping your home online without installing you more than you’ll need. It’s a priority to us to keep our customers happy and the “one size fits all” approach doesn’t work, particularly for generators.

Convenience And Reliability Are Key

There’s no need to run back and forth to the gas station to make sure you’ve got enough fuel with a Generac! The unit ties in to your existing natural gas line or LP fuel supply. Since gas lines are underground, they’re usually more protected than overhead electricity cables. This provides additional reliability, so when your power goes out, Generac will tie in to the alternative power source to keep the lights (and heat or A/C…and electronics…and appliances!) on.

Critical Components Are Covered

More and more people are beginning to work out of their homes. Printers, computers, servers, and other important electronics need steady power to ensure there are no surges that could cause irreparable damage. Generac backup generators can handle ALL of that! We also service many customers who have medical equipment in their homes, including dialysis machines or oxygen/ventilators. This situation definitely calls for additional power backup. Refrigerators or freezers housing medications or special foods also benefit from this equipment. Regardless of your specialty needs, National can help you.

Ready Even When You’re On The Go

Though Generacs are equipped with a sensor to tell it when power levels have dropped to insufficient levels, some models can also have Mobile Link remote monitoring included as well (installed separately from your backup generator). There’s a convenient app available so you can log in wherever you are!

National is proud to offer Generac brand backup generators. We’ve been pleased with their reliability and efficiency. If you’re interested in getting more information about how a Generac can benefit your home, please give us a call at 432-333-3971 or fill out an online service request form.

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