Install A New Reverse Osmosis System

Install A New Reverse Osmosis System

The City of Odessa recently released its water quality report for 2015. Each citizen who uses city water should read it. Water quality, especially in the middle of the desert, is very important. National is here to share some reasons why you should install a new reverse osmosis system!

Why Do I Need To Read A Water Quality Report

Each year, contaminants infiltrate ground water supplies. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires groundwater testing annually to determine the percentage of these contaminants.  The human body is capable of processing them in small amounts. However, those who are immune compromised, including the elderly, infants, and those with certain illnesses, may not be able to handle them at all. Therefore, the EPA sets out guidelines for acceptable levels of contaminants in ground water supply.

How Safe Is My Water?

Occasionally, the news will post a story that a city has notified citizens to boil any drinking water. It’s a fairly rare occurrence, but it generally brings out quite a bit of interest. EPA guidelines for drinking water determine what level of contamination is allowed. Anything over those amounts can be dangerous. While any type of groundwater will contain level of contaminant,  healthy people with no immunity issues should be able to consume it with no adverse health reactions. However, it being West Texas, it may not taste as good.

What Are My Options If I Choose Not To Drink Tap Water?

We can narrow this down to three choices: purchased bottled water, buy a filter pitcher, or install a new reverse osmosis system!

Bottled Water

While this option is great for on-the-go, bottled water becomes costly over time. On average, Americans shell out $7.50 per gallon on bottled water as opposed to $1.22 per gallon for using tap water. And who wants to lug around those heavy bottles or jugs anyway! Bottles, while recyclable, are also responsible for a lot of waste and litter in Texas.

Filter Pitcher

Brands like Brita and Pur promote filtered water via a pitcher or on-spout system. While these options are helpful, filter replacement cost is often high. Some users also say that the filter is not enough to remove the taste of impurities…which is a major complaint about West Texas tap water.

Reverse Osmosis System

A reverse osmosis system works by pushing tap water through a thin, tight membrane. One drop at a time, the water collects into a pressurized tank. The membrane is there to filter out contaminants, including dirt, chlorine, and even cancer-causing particles. A reverse osmosis system also makes tap water fresher, cleaner, and better tasting. It also makes for better tasting food and ice!

It’s possible to have great drinking water and save money! Give us a call or fill out an online service request form to have us install a new reverse osmosis system.

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