How To Reduce Winter Heating Bills

How To Reduce Winter Heating Bills

Decking the halls and warming the house up can cost more than your entire Christmas gift budget! National is here to help you fight off Old Man Winter with some tips on how to reduce winter heating bills.

Lock Your Doors & Windows

How in the world does this help save on utility bills? It’s surprisingly simple! By locking doors and windows that are not in use, you’re pushing them against the weather stripping to create a firmer seal. This also prevents them from being blown open by wintry gusts from the North Pole.

Give Yourself The Gift Of A New Thermostat

Sometimes that old thermostat just won’t cut it, especially in older homes. There are many different options for programmable thermostats, some of which you can even control from your smart phone. While it’s not a fancy present, saving money throughout the year is a gift that keeps on giving. National can even install one for you! Even keeping your temperatures dropped a little lower when you aren’t home or are sleeping can help save money on your monthly heating bills.

No More Leaks

Sealing up leaky air ducts and patching holes in exterior walls can save some serious cash. These little holes can allow a lot of warm air to escape into your attic (or even worse, outside!) instead of being circulated properly through your home or business. Placing covers over electrical outlets can also prevent drafts inside your home.

Hang More Than Just Stockings By The Chimney

If you’re not using your fireplace this winter, you should seriously look into purchasing a chimney balloon. These balloons are inflated inside of a chimney, sealing it off and preventing cold air from entering through any drafts. If you have small children, we recommend putting it in after they’ve gone to bed to avoid any questions about Santa getting stuck!

Mind The Gaps

Replacing worn weather stripping and door thresholds can also help save some money on utility bills. These allow the doors and windows to properly seal themselves, which keeps chilly winter weather outside where it needs to be.

When In Doubt, Call The Experts

Routine heating system maintenance is important. Worn belts or improperly performing motors can cause your furnace to work harder than what it should. National performs lots of seasonal inspections for its customers to make certain their heating systems are performing in top shape!

Whether you’re a fan of wintry weather or prefer to stay snuggled up next to a fire, National wants to make sure that you’re able to keep your seasonal utility bills as low as possible. Any Season, Any Reason…contact National today!

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