Fourth Of July Hacks

Fourth Of July Hacks

Independence Day is just around the corner! We’re here to share some of our Fourth of July hacks to help make your holiday a little easier.

Ice, Ice, Baby (Plus Salt!)

Did you forget to ice down all of the canned beverages? No need to wait for half an hour for the cans to get chilled. All you need to do is add some salt! Check out this helpful hack. It also makes you have a *lightbulb* moment about why ice machines use rock salt!

Don’t Let Insects Bug You Out

Fourth Of July Hacks

Tell bugs to buzz off!

No one like mosquitos. With as much rain as we’ve had lately, they are out in full force, along with several other flying, stinging, and biting bugs. However, Lifehacker shares some helpful tips on avoiding the ouch from insects.

An additional tip for bees and wasps: set up a few open cans of soda on the perimeter of your party…once they discover one of the “outside” cans, they’ll be more likely to leave your guests alone!

DIY Slip ‘n Slide

Who doesn’t remember the fun of this backyard pastime? Adults can get in on the fun, too, with this mega DIY water slide. It’s sure to keep you cool and is fun for your whole group!

Create The Perfect Photo

Nighttime photos are often hard to take. Lifehacker is at it again with some really great tips on how to make the most of the best part of the 4th…fireworks! Their photography tips can help you snag the perfect holiday pic of the big event.

Don’t Let Your Tablecloths Get Blown To Oz

Use a hot glue gun to strategically place clothespins underneath any table where you plan to put a tablecloth. They won’t be visible to guests, so you can discreetly keep your tablecloths where they belong!

Keep Kiddos Safe

Who knew that the old-school childhood favorite could have a double use as sparkler holders? Grab small containers of Play-Doh at your nearest store. Then plunk the sparkler handle into the dough. Not only does it provide an easier grip for little hands, it can prevent burns, too!

We hope you’ll be able to utilize some our Fourth of July hacks to make the long weekend a little less stressful and a lot more enjoyable. We wish you a very happy Independence Day and don’t forget, we’re here for you! Any Season, Any Reason!

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