Ewwww, What’s That Smell?!

Ewwww, What’s That Smell?!

We’ve all been there. You’re taking a shower or brushing your teeth and a stench hits your nose…ewwww, what’s that smell? That awful nastiness makes you think a buzzard has crawled down your drain. National is here with some great tips to keep your home smelling fresh!

Solution #1 – Check Your P-Traps

Typical P-Trap Diagram

Typical P-Trap Diagram

Your P-trap is the curved pipe portion of your sink or toilet. It’s designed to be filled with water at all times. Essentially, the water acts as a barrier to prevent gases emitting from the sewer lines from wafting back into your home. If any of them are dry, running water through the pipes should help this issue. P-traps are also notorious for collecting debris such as dirt, hair, cosmetics, and other yuckiness (which could also explain the smells).

However, if you continue to notice foul odors coming from your sink, be sure to call National…we’re able to conduct full line flushes to prevent this. We’re happy to take a look at all of your plumbing fittings to make sure they’re in great working order!

Solution #2: Everything AND The Kitchen Sink

Sinks in the kitchen are the most common nasty smell offenders. In addition to garbage disposals, many modern kitchens are equipped with dishwashers. Food particles can clog the drain lines from washers…which usually tie into the sink pipes. The smell of garbage can floats up through the drain, no matter how many times you rinse it out. Here are a few quick tips on keeping your kitchen sink smelling clean:

  • Scrap all large food particles into the trash can.
  • Rinse your dishes prior to placing them in the wash (the dishwasher detergent commercials are just for show!).
  • Use vinegar! Run 1 cup of white vinegar in your dishwasher (no dishes) for a cycle. You can also put it down the drain…or with a couple of lemon slices for the disposal side. This will eliminate odors without any harsh chemicals.

Solution #3: It’s Time For A Wax Ring

If you notice unusual odors from your toilet (hey, we said unusual) and you’ve already checked the P-trap, your wax ring might need a replacement. These rings can dry out or leak over time…something you definitely don’t want. It’s pretty uncommon to have to change these out too often, but it never hurts to check.

We hope we’ve been able to help you determine at least a few starting places for eliminating plumbing odors in your home. Don’t forget…National is available to help you, from drains to toilets! Any Season, Any Reason!

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