Eliminate These Energy Wasters

Eliminate These Energy Wasters

At National, our goal is to provide amazing customer service and quality workmanship. We also strive to save our customers money and headaches. We’re here today with some helpful tips on how to eliminate these energy wasters in your home or business.

Your Heating Or A/C Unit Runs All Day

According to the United State Energy Information Administration (or EIA), the majority of American homes have centralized heating and air conditioning units. However, an estimated 31% of A/C units and 48% of all furnaces are not connected to a programmable thermostat! Most Americans work during the day, which means their units are running all day every day…whether the owners are home or not! Investing in a programmable thermostat can be an estimated 10% savings on your utility bill each year. They are relatively inexpensive, especially considering the return-on-investment.

Those Old Appliances Have Got To Go

Most major appliances, such as ranges, washers/dryers, and dishwashers are built to last a fairly long time. However, if it’s been a while since you’ve upgraded, your existing appliances could use a lot more energy than what you’d expect. EnergyStar is a government rating system to help consumers know exactly how much energy is used by the products they purchase, which can result in a significant overall cost savings!

Let Your Light Shine On

Switching from incandescent to more efficient lighting sources, such as LED or halogen bulbs, can result in more moolah in your bank account. The great news about these upgraded bulbs is that they last a REALLY long time, because they’re capable of producing the same amount of light as traditional bulbs, but by using less energy. While some brands are costly upfront, their longevity is a plus.

Fill In The Gaps

Drafty windows, doors, and open, uninsulated spaces can result in a lot of lost energy, as well. Having a well-sealed home or business keeps the climate-controlled air inside a building. Drafts leak out the comfortable air, which results in your heating or A/C unit having to work double-time to adjust back to your preferred temperature.

National is here to help YOU! We are happy to be able to offer tips and suggestions on ways and services to protect your home from these energy leeches! Give us a call today.

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